Looking for a local ride with a friendly bunch of cyclists?  Join us!  We head out at least once a week from March to October from The Telegraph Pub (SW15 3TU), in the heart of Putney Heath, London UK.  Residents, guests and all levels of fitness and experience are welcome and nobody gets left behind.

We have approximately 20 miles of interconnected cycle paths, which link Putney Heath, Wimbledon Common & Richmond Park.  All routes are official and stay well away from traffic.  We don’t charge a membership fee, or expect you to bring an expensive bike.

Lycra and excessive fitness are optional extras too (shorts/t-shirts are the norm).  If you fancy a leisurely ride through the trees, review the maps for Tibbet’s Ride here and choose your distance.  Slower riders can complete the full distance in a couple of hours, however you may prefer to start with a shorter route.  Everyone returns the pub for a well-earned pint afterwards too!  🙂

  • Membership fee? Nope!
  • Dedicated Bicycle Racing Club, or Cycling Group in Putney? Definitely a Cycling Group in Putney!
  • Are new or wobbly riders welcome? Yes!
  • Are fast, serious, fit riders welcome too? Yes! Two laps of Richmond Park for you, then we’ll meet you back at the pub.
  • Off-piste, or Putney Common Cycle Paths? Putney Heath’s Cycle Paths, also Wimbledon, Richmond, riverside and beyond.
  • Road, hybrid or mountain bikes? Typically Mountain/Hybrid #, although we do the occasional all-road route (normally on Saturdays).
  • Men, women and children? All of the above. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Upper age limit? No, not at all. We have a regular in her 60’s who completes the full route on her electric bike.
  • Will I get left behind/lost? No, we always accompany new riders!
  • Can I bring a guest? Absolutely!

# If you don’t already own a bike, rent or borrow one for the first session and we’ll recommend something for you.

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